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Bigg Boss 14 Episode 15 Written Update: Rahul Vaidya & Jaan Kumra Sanu Bring Melody To The Bigg Boss Home

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 15 Written Update: Rahul Vaidya & Jaan Kumra Sanu Bring Melody To The Bigg Boss Home

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Here is the live update for the Bigg Boss 14, day 14, which is slated to air live on October 17, 2020, Saturday at 9:00 pm on Colors. It is available before TV exclusively on Voot Select.

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 15, day 14 live update starts here!

The show kicked off with a sneak-peak from the upcoming live coverage. The kitchen display was on the line as morning broke. Rubina and Abhinav Shukla were still uncompromised over chopping things. They thought chopping is not a part of cooking.

Rubina considered that Sidharth Shukla is being unreasonable about the cooking duty, Sidharth accepted he is being unreasonable, only for Rubina. Abhinav declared that chopping is a part of cooking, and who he/she cooks, will chop as well.

Jasmin accepted that Nikki Tamboli is dirt, she hates ever of her thoughts. Pavitra thinks that Rahul Vaidya should not barge in the talk. Rahul Vaidya thinks that Pavitra is a heroine and a villain.

Now, they had an abusive language in exchange. Nishant tried stopping them in doing so.


Bigg Boss had an announcement about the luxury budget, In order to perform the task, Rahul and Jaan Kumar Sanu will Bring Melody To The Bigg Boss Home. The winner will receive a luxury budget. They will try to entertain all the freshers, and meanwhile, all the freshers will have collective votes.

Rahul Vaidya sang on "Ye kaisa rishta hai" while Jaan Kumra Sanu sang on Baazigar O Baazigar. All the rest freshers including Seniors as well danced.

Elijah Khan and Gauhar both danced to Jaan Kumar Sanu's song. Jaan Kumar Sanu sang "Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam" for Nikki Tamboli. Freshers propelled Nikki Tamboli for a kiss to Jaan. Nikki Tamboli finally performed a kiss.

The competition ended with "Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai" from Jaan Kumar Sanu. Bigg Boss declared Jaan Kumar as the winner. Bigg Boss accessed Jaan Kumar Sanu to choose four of his dears with who he can share luxuries.

Jaan Kumar Sanu choose Nikki Tamboli, Eijaz Khan, Nishant, and Shehzad Deol. Bigg Boss gave chance to the housemates Niki Tamboli To make the section fresher again.

To perform this process, every fresher will give their perception of whether Nikki should remain Confirmed or TBC. Rahul Vaidya agreed with Nikki Tamboli as confirmed, while, Jaan Kumar Sanu had an influential perception denying the facts that should be confirmed. Jaan Kumar didn't vote for Nikki Tamboli. Rubina, Nishant, Jasmin, Abhinav, Shehzad Deol were also against Nikki Tamboli.

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra supported Nikki Tamboli that she should be confirmed. Everyone had a word of difference in getting the result. Thus, Bigg Boss announced Nikki Tamboli as confirmed contestant.

Nikki Tamboli was on her words that, they all should have supported her from the very beginning.

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