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Bigg Boss 14 Episode 14 Written Update: The Task Continues Tonight And It Gets Intense

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 14 Written Update: The Task Continues Tonight And It Gets Intense

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Here is the live update for the Bigg Boss 14, day 13, which is slated to air live on October 16, 2020, Friday at 10:00 pm on Colors. It is available before TV exclusively on Voot Select.

Last evening, Bigg Boss announced a task for freshers which would allow them to collect their personal belongings from the Bigg Boss BB mall if she or he wins. A simple task where two players at a time will have to collect balls that would fall from the pipe was dispatched to them with seniors as the task sanchalaks.

Yesterday, Pavitra, Eijaz, and Nishant won the tasks after being fab competitors. Tonight the pending contestants will come face to face to win a chance and finally claim their personal belongings.

Nikki and Jasmin come face to face tonight and with the already existing animosity between them due to the farm task, how will this task pan out for them? With a lot of verbal attacks and snatching, the end decision also leads to an argument between the seniors who have varying opinions.

A fight between Sidharth and Hina is observed by all who have a different thought about the performance and ultimate result.

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 14, day 13 live update starts here!

Finally, the day is here, one of you will get a golden chance to talk live with one of the Bigg Boss 14 contestants. Sidharth Shukla was pulling Nikki Tamboli's legs. Nikki Tamboli and Rahul were engrossed in a heart to heart conversation.

Nikki Tamboli is pulling Jaan Kumar Sanu's leg saying he protects her like a brother. Jaan Kumar says, she is not his sister, Nikki Tamboli asks Jaan Kumar Sanu to sing "haste haste kat jaayein raste" if he is her friend.

Jaan sings the song for Nikki Tambolo to prove his friendship, Nikki Tamboli is so happy to listen to the song and hugs Jaan Kumar Sanu. Gauhar Khan says, she will lock the kitchen door constantly for two days, if they continue to do so.

Abhinav Vs. Jaan Kumra Sanu Biss Boss announces the task time, it will be between Jaan and Abhinav. Abhinav had more collection than Jaan, thus he was declared as the winner.

Winner: Abhinav

Nikki Tamboli Vs. Jasmin

Nikki Tamboli is already allowed to take anything from BB Mall, so, there will no consequences for Nikki to concern about. Nikki Tamboli some of Jasmin's balls, they both went down in a Brawl, Both got their basket torn up.

Seniors had a lot of altercations over the winner, Sidharth Shukla says it should be called a draw, while, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan say, Jasmin should be the winner.

Winner: Jasmin

All the seniors heated up over the same conversation, Sidharth didn't get agree on Jasmin as the winner.

TREsseme Style Icon task

The task will be up for four women freshers including Rubin, Pavitra, Jasmin, and Nikki Tamboli. All four women will be entitled to these following titles, Pavitra as Perfect Khiladi, Rubina as Miss. confused, Nikki Tamboli as Miss. Drama Queen, Jasmin as Miss nautanki.

They simply had to do a ramp walk with style in decoration, While, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Shehzad Deol, Rahul and Eijaz Khan will be host to ask some question to all four women.

Pavitra was declared as the winner of the "TREsseme Style Icon" task




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