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Bigg Boss 14 Episode 10 Written Update: Seniors To Announce The First Eviction Of Season 14

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 10 Written Update: Seniors To Announce The First Eviction Of Season 14

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Here is the live update for the Bigg Boss 14, day 9, which is slated to air live on October 12, 2020, Monday at 10:30 pm on Colors. It will be available before TV exclusively on Voot Select. As noted, Salman Khan is also slated to appear.

In the upcoming episode, all the freshers will be seen Nikki Tamboli ruling over freshers over the selection of Dailey 7 times. Freshers such as Eijaz Khan and Pavitra seems no to be adjusting up with her.

Plush, all the freshers will choose their own nomination and eviction by breaking the pot of effigy. Plush, seniors will officially declare the first eviction of the week. Well, we are picking "Sara Gurpal."

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 10, day 9 live update starts here!

A sneak-peak from the upcoming episode, We kick the things off with "Ishq Wala Love" song as they all get up dancing. Eijaz Khan demands two items, Sare Gurpal says, she has nothing. Eijaz Khan agrees to give up two items for Sare.

Rahul and Abhinav go into an altercation over picking the right items. Eijaz Khan thinks that Jaan Kumar Sanu is trying to make his fun. Nikki Tamboli is ironing her Ex-boyfriend's shorts.

Jasmin and Eijaz Khan are both seeking for the Settlement on what happened last night. Jasmin embraces Eijaz Khan confirming that they have settled down the things.

Jasmin makes her personal suggestion for Jaan Kumra Sanu, that he should not be a sidekick, and he should be independent. Jaan Kumar Sanu says, he is fighting for what he wants. Jasmin makes it clear that Nishant and Jaan Kumar should be given two items.

Shehzad Deol has some concerns, he doesn't agree with Jasmin over the suggestion. We were up with the pot-breaking task. All they have to do is breaking the two pots of their choosing who they would like to nominate. Bigg Boss insists the perception as they break the pot.#

Rubina picks Eijaz Khan and Nishant, Pavitra picks Rahul Vaidya, while, Rahul chooses Nishant and Abhinav as their nominations. Sare Gurpal picked Rahul and Jaan Kumar Sanu. Shehzad Deol and Abhinav were chosen by Nikki Tamboli.

Nishant, Rahul Vaidya, Eijaz Khan, Shehzad Deol, Sare Gurpal, Abhinav, and Jaan Kumar Sanu were nominated by Bigg Boss.

Sara Gurpal evicted from Bigg Boss 14

Seniors including Sidharth Shukla, Gauhar Khan, and Hina Khan picked Sara Gurpal as the first eviction of Bigg Boss 14 season. Freshers break down as she leaves the Bigg Boss house. Pavitra filters with Eijaz Khan, Nishant, Jaan Kumar Sanu, and Rahul Vaidya become the good friends.

Eijaz Khan, Nishant, Jaan Kumar Sanu, and Rahul Vaidya are teasing Eijaz Khan as they were having a love talk.

Eijaz Khan, Nishant, Jaan Kumar Sanu, and Rahul Vaidya




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